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Family Therapy Session


Our mediation fees are simple and charged at a fixed rate of $250 per hour for two parties, without regard to the nature, amount in controversy, or complexity of the case. This rate is divided by each party. 

No mediation schedule is confirmed until each party has signed an agreement to mediate and has paid their share of the initial fee.


Fees are $125 per party per each hour for a minimum of three hours. If the mediation extends past three (3) hours, then each party will be charged the hourly fee of $125 as part of the $250 per hour rate for actual mediation time.

after mediation has completed, the fees for preparing the mediated settlement agreement (msa) or memorandum of understanding (mou) and review are $100.00 per party per hour for a total of $200 per hour.

Initial mediation consultation - fees are $145.00 per session hour.  during an in person consultation, the process of mediation will be explained, as well as what to expect and what materials you will need to bring with you on the day of mediation.  you will have the opportunity to discuss individual goals, expectations, personal needs, and provide any background information needed to help you be successful.

Please be prepared to provide a credit card on file as this form of payment will serve as the payment for actual mediation as well as any overtime fees past the three hours.  See cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $200, or $100 for each party, will be charged to the canceling parties for a mediation canceled (7) days prior to the scheduled mediation date. Otherwise, mediation fees, once paid and scheduled, are non-refundable. If the mediation is rescheduled and conducted, we will apply any funds in excess of the $200 cancellation fee toward the rescheduled mediation. We will make every prudent effort to work with you and your schedule.


Forums For Mediation

In Person Mediation (One room or Two)

Virtual Mediation (Video conferencing or by phone)

Video conference/Online Mediation may include multiple states and parties at one time


Typical Agenda

  • Introductions (together or separate room configurations), identify non-participants impacted
  • Overview of the mediation process, risks of impasse
  • Define the issues, set discussion limits with a problem statement
  • Identify common goals, interests
  • Brainstorm and define options, review objections
  • Link options to common goals and interests
  • Develop solution statements
  • preparation of the written mutual mediated settlement agreement or memorandum of understanding
  • review of documents and conclusion

At any time all participants are free to ask for a break or a caucus, even if through virtual online mediation.


Rebecca Marsh is a Certified Family and Divorce Mediator and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has unique experience in resolving conflict resolution disputes through her 19 year career working at NASA/Johnson Space Center as a Flight Controller in the Mission Control Center as well as counseling 1000's of couples and families toward better communication.

Please call to schedule your mediation with The Family Relationship Center 832-720-4330 or email us at [email protected] with your mediation conflict.

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