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Family Therapy Session

  Online Therapy\E-Counseling in Texas

The Family Relationship Center can offer e-counseling psychotherapy through phone, email, video, or text-based sessions for Texas residents, in addition to our In-Office visits.

Online Therapy helps clients who are…
• Geographically separated from spouse, family, and loved ones
• Unable to leave their home because of illness or disability
• Unable or unwilling to seek out face-to-face therapy
This includes clients who may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed to see a therapist in person, but have relationships impacted by sexual/physical abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, divorce, infidelity, and other subjects such as….

Military returning home from combat
Online Therapy helps military couples strengthen their relationship or if sadly, the realities of war necessitate, deal with divorce. Couples need help with handling conflicts and managing their emotions related to returning home. Online Therapy is especially helpful for military personnel who live in isolated rural communities and who have illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from leaving their home.

People whose relationship problems interfere with work
Online Therapy offers additional mental health services to employee health plans. Employees have greater opportunity to receive help for relationship issues that may interfere with their ability to perform on the job.

Family care-giving demands
Online Therapy offers help for caregivers overwhelmed with their care-giving role and unable to give adequately to their other relationships. They may have strained relationship with the person they are caring for and not have the time to go a therapist.

Abusive relationships, such as partner abuse or domestic violence.
Online Therapy is a lifeline for victims. Many people isolate themselves from friends and family and feel trapped, fearful or too ashamed to reach out for help in person. It also offers confidential and convenient help for individuals and families who are healing from abuse and may need ongoing help with the issues that feed the abuse.

Adolescents and college students
Online Therapy is a very comfortable, familiar and convenient media for adolescents and college students. They find it easier to express themselves in writing and feel less inhibited and safer at the computer’s keyboard than with traditional face-to-face therapy. College students readily use Online Therapy to continue their therapy after they leave home for college. This is also advantageous for continuing family therapy.