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Family Therapy Session

Family Mediation

In family mediations, parties have a chance to share their views in a safe environment and to constructively discuss important issues such as communication, estate division, trust disputes, separation, child custody, support and visitation, divorce, alimony, debt, division of property and other family matters.

 - In mediation, you may hear things that you will disagree with and you may be asked hard questions. You should keep an open mind and be willing to consider various options for settlement.

Examples of Questions that may be asked during mediation:

What is the conflict really about for you?

How does your conception of the conflict change, if at all, when you think about it from the other party’s point of view?

Are some of the problems caused by misunderstandings or hurt feelings?

What issues do you and the other party agree about?

What issues do you disagree about?

What information, documents, legal rules, or other things might cause the other party to change his or her mind about the issues you disagree about?

What might cause you to change your mind?

What would you like to accomplish at the mediation?

What does the mediator need to understand to help you accomplish your goals?

What does the other party need to understand?

What would you need to feel satisfied with the outcome of the mediation?

What do you think that the other party needs to feel satisfied?

Research shows that most parties are very satisfied with the mediation process and hopefully you will be too. Using this guide to prepare for your mediation should help you have a successful experience.


~ Thank you so much for your mediation with my siblings.  You don't know what a breakthrough that was for us!

~ It is very difficult for us, as a group, to have a serious discussion so that everyone is heard, and

so that decisions are carried through.  I think what came out of our session was the best that we could have expected.

~ All of us felt satisfied afterwards, and felt that it had been productive.

~ It's nice to know that you are there if we need you 

       Schedule Your Mediation Consultation Appointment with Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh is a Certified Family and Divorce Mediator and Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has unique experience in resolving conflict resolution disputes through her 19 year career working at NASA/Johnson Space Center as a Flight Controller in the Mission Control Center as well as counseling 1000's of couples and families toward better communication.

Please call to schedule your mediation with The Family Relationship Center 832-720-4330 or email us at [email protected] with your mediation conflict.

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